About The Company

TOP EASY is a leading packaging supplier for food packaging , easy-open-end and sanitary end , can components , steel aerosol cone&dome , tinplate sheeting service printing , coating and cutting.

We supply innovative metal packaging solutions and are the major packaging group of packaging companies in Thailand. We bring value and quality to the customer , differentiate our customer products and customize to our customer requests. TOP EASY was founded in 1990.  We are affiliates of Sahadharawat Group in Thailand with 6 manufacturing facilities in Thailand, Vietnam and Myanmar. We operate 4 distinct divisions - food cans packaging , components for paint can , steel aerosols cone & dome and printing, coating & sheeting services.


TOP EASY manufactures and supplies products to the following key market segments:
Food Can Packaging : (eg. fruit and vegetables , tuna , sardines , processed food , coconut milk)
General Can Packaging : (eg. paint can components , wire handle)
Steel Aerosol Cone & Dome : (eg. spray paint , air freshener) Printing , Coating & Sheeting Services : (eg. color printing , gold coating , scroll sheet)  

Our products are offered in a range of diameters from 52mm to 175mm.  All cans and ends can be supplied either plain , gold or decorated.

ISO 9001 Quality

TOP EASY certified ISO9001 Quality System. Our extensive partner network , customize production and delivery according to customer needs , quick delivery times that we deliver quality in every aspects.